Translation by: Iván “Capo” Artalejo

What represents Charles Bradley’s music? The open layers of the heart, an alarm that rings at dawn. Charles Bradley is the glance of an allegory that said goodbye, can’t tell if it was too early, can’t tell if he left like the moment of a fragrance, or like the color transformed into a sacred ocean; he left the bed with flowers that justify his absence, they justify that he is now a passenger of the sound trail of eternity. Many of us would have liked to delay the scintillating goodbye, many of us would have slanted the pendulum of death, so it would get lost in the cold concrete of forgiveness.

Without a doubt, Charles Bradley, is and will be the silence of the question, the miracle that irradiates a reconstruction of the spirit, in pursuit of an extrication of the flesh.

His turn came, without premeditate a harvest that today proclamates love and liberation, love and will, love and salvation. He left the window open of a cauldron that emanates vocal flames, that are like the rebirth of a sun in a population that is saturated with shattered bones. All the storms will come and go, all the absences, all the process of an undirected force and, Charles Bradley will continue building the temples of the soul, those in which the universal music lives, branded as prolix.

2017 wasn’t the goodbye of a soul-colored look, color of transcende, nor was the obscurity without return in the mortal pores, it was the thread of light between the comet and the universe that now, clustered, whistle his songs. Charles Bradley incubates  love and reveals it in every perimeter of any exclamation, every movement that compose euphoria and feeling, route and flow. In Brooklyn, the body passed away, but not the perception of a musician called sacred history, called revolution, chant and evolution of the contemporary soul. Three years that slip between social conflict, long-haired theologies, between rebellions and rushed promises; but, what remains for us in the silence  who makes a pact with  our pillow? A man with eyes of eternity that delimitate the material world with the smile that he brings, that rehidrate the light with incense in each melody.

How many degrees are you?