Translation by: Iván Artalejo

Within this musical universe, there is a cosmogony of fire named Flore M; of French origin, tied to the gospel genre, and attached to the spiritual symbology. In our exercise of finding universal voices that pay tribute to their identity and make their souls their homeland, we find her. ˈThis is Who I Mˈ: a song that chains us to the silence, to the reflection of salvation, to the freedom found in an exalted heart for receiving us with demetalized eyes, with the open kingdom of Eden, and with the promised existence that will flourish in the language of love.

Thus, Flore M presents her cards, the range of colors of her voice are a carousel that invites to the altars in heaven, transforms the bones into lights where a supernatural force lives. She takes you from the beginning to the end by the hand, with a starry energy that marks faith and hope with omens of salvation. Of gospel, of soul, of blues: her fire and her blood dispel any fog; within her, in her proposal, and in her poetical chant one can find, more than a musical offer, a painted image with the pen of a redeemer being.